Thursday, August 5, 2010


This has been a LIFE SAVER in my classroom on numerous occasions! Internet4Classrooms has the most user friendly database of online activities, tests, lesson plans, worksheets, etc. I've found on the internet.Any activity for grades PK through 8 can be located by a simple grade leveled search based on national education standards.

There are free tutorials that offer practical directions for educator related tasks using popular software programs.

This site also has examples of published standardized tests from several states to use when preparing students not to be "left behind'.


  1. Thank you for sharing this website, Amille. Until today I have yet to visit I4C. As a classroom teacher I cannot count the number of times I visited sites such as Read Write Think or Lesson Plan Pages. After awhile, the inspiration is no longer there so I'm thrilled to find a new site to borrow from. I'm especially excited to know that published standardized tests are available. It seems as if North Carolina has run out of money and did not update their EOG/EOC tests last school year. Another reason this is great is because parents will visit the NC DOE website and download the practice tests for their students. It would be nice to present students with something they haven't seen. Thank you for this review. It was very informative.

  2. I do lots of workshop and presentations for teachers. Many of the workshops are on applications for creating and adapting materials for students. Many of the tools that I train on are really good and feature-rich programs. However, at almost every workshop the teachers say - this is really great, but I don't have the time. So, I am always looking for easy and quick materials that teachers can use immediately. This is a wonderful resource. Not only is there a wealth of materials on the site, but they are tied to the standards which we are required to follow.
    I went to several of the links and sites and realized that many of these can be used with TouchScreens and Whiteboards. With many classrooms getting whiteboards, this will be a great resource for those educators.

  3. What a great site! This site offers many tutorials on different software applications, including programs like Dreamweaver, which is great! When clicking on the Web 2.0 link, it offered many website links to various websites. I thought it was great that it showed links to Garageband and Audacity things, since those are music based programs. I am looking forward to exploring this site some more. Thanks for the heads up on this great site!